Curley Cards Sports Team Fundraising Cards


It is time to easily raise incredible amounts of money for your school, team or organization. Curley Cards are the simple, affordable and no-hassle way to raise funds, gain community involvement and share your school pride.

To get started, you’ll choose a quantity and provide us with your logo(s), school color(s) and any other information you’d like on the card such as your mission or sports schedule. From there, you’ll choose a package. Option one is the self-directed package where you’ll go out, recruit your sponsors for the discount card and obtain their logo and offer. Option two is the Curley managed package where we’ll do all of the work on getting sponsors for you so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Once you receive your order, you’ll go out and sell the cards at school functions, PTA events, sports games, and throughout the community racking up huge amounts of money for the school…what’s better than that?!

Start raising money for your school and learn more today by contacting John, III at 508.398.4580 X17 or by email.

We're looking forward to helping your team and your school!