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Response Marketing

43% of people prefer to respond to direct mail online versus the phone or in person. (Direct Marketing Association)

The biggest pain point for business owners and marketing executives is results tracking. While sku's and barcodes help, they only tell part of the story. With Curley Direct, you have the ability to track the effectiveness of your campaign in real time, generate detailed reports, extend additional offers, and immediately follow up on sales leads. It's a winning strategy that delivers superior results while continuing to build upon your direct mail campaign.

Dynamic Personalization

Want your printed piece to pop? Incorporate dynamic personalization into your next postcard and be sure that they hold onto it for the long-run. Utilizing state of the art image technology, Curley Direct can integrate a graphic of each recipients name into virtually any image of your choice. You can choose from our library, or commission us to create a new one. Ready to check out the library? Click here to e-mail our digital business consultants.

Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization

Variable Data

By harnessing the power of variable data, we can change pictures, phrases or entire text blocks based on codes in the database.

For example, let's say you want to have two different messages based on the gender of the recipient. Once the list is gender coded, we could change the entire message of your letter, postcard or self mailer to reflect the appropriate message for men versus women. If you want something simpler, we could simply put the recipient's name throughout the piece. These are only two examples of variable data... the possibilities are endless! Explore your possibilities by contacting our digital business consultants.

E-Mail Marketing

Contacting current clients by e-mail is rapidly becoming a great way to get your message out. By asking your clients to provide you with their e-mails (whether at POS, on your website or over the phone), they are opting-in to receive your marketing messages and therefore are more likely to value the information received as opposed to marketers who could be considered "spammers" by sending to cold lists.  To begin sending out e-mail marketing messages of your own, head over to our Online Media tab and select "E-mail Marketing."

*Please note that we do not sell email lists as they are notoriously inaccurate and we will not sell you something that will harm your bottom line. We also encourage a cross-media approach that includes email marketing as a part of your marketing strategy, but not your entire strategy. A recent Epsilon study found that 75% of consumers felt that they got a lot of emails that they didn't open.