Friday Trivia ** Aug. 21st

Published on 08/21/09 11:37AM

Answer the following trivia question by e-mailing it to Donna (click here: If you're right, you'll be entered to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Ardeo!

Question: In the 1970's the Massachusetts state record for the hottest temperature was set at 107 degrees.  What town was it set in?

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Friday Trivia! August 14, 2009

Published on 08/14/09 09:19AM

Answer the following trivia question by e-mailing it to Donna (click here: If you're right, you'll be entered to win $50 towards a database cleanup!

Question: The most money is spent on this hobby?  Name the hobby.

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Friday Trivia * Friday, August 7th

Published on 08/07/09 09:13AM

Answer the following trivia question by e-mailing it to Donna (click here: If you're right, you'll be entered to win a FREE Graphic Design for a postcard campaign.

Question: What sport has the biggest field?

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Friday Trivia - July 31st!

Published on 07/31/09 09:02AM

Answer the following trivia question by e-mailing it to Donna (click here: If you're right, you'll be entered to win 500 FREE Business Cards!

Question: Who is the Worlds largest toy distributor?

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Friday Trivia! July 24th

Published on 07/24/09 09:55AM

Answer the following trivia question by e-mailing it to Donna (click here: If you're right, you'll be entered to win $20 off of your next print job of $75 or more!

Question: The inventor of this household item that the majority of us use everyday, never made any money off of it.  What was the invention?

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Friday Trivia - Win Big!

Published on 07/17/09 09:15AM

Answer the following trivia question by e-mailing it to Donna (click here:   If you're right, you'll be entered to win 500 FREE BUSINESS CARDS printed by Curley Direct!

Question: Football teams in 1910 were penalized 15 yards for what infraction?

To be entered to win, you must send your answer for this trivia question to Donna (click here:  The people who correctly answer the question will be entered in to win.  The winner will be chosen at random.

Targeted Communications

Published on 06/19/09 03:50PM

The landscape of marketing is, without a doubt, changing. It’s partly because of the economic downturn that we are experiencing, but also because businesses know that if they want to effectively sell their services to consumers, they must do so in a different way than ever before. Direct mail used to be a form of mass communication, much like commercials on TV or radio are. Now, however, it has changed to become a highly targeted communications means that creates a significant value for businesses. There is a catch, though. Businesses must be put together a multi-channel marketing program that utilizes print, mail, the web and sometimes TV or radio mediums depending on your target market.

Determining that target market is the most important step you’ll take when working on your marketing. For example, if your product is for children and you want their parents to purchase it, you advertise on children’s television stations telling them how fun it is and mail a postcard to parents to show its educational features. Additionally, if what you sell or offer is more for businesses, it is important to target the right person (CEO, Business Manager, Purchasing Agent, etc) and catch their attention quickly with a great offer on a well designed postcard.

There are two questions you need to ask yourself right now – Who is my target market? and How am I currently reaching that market? Write the answers to those questions down and take a serious look at them. If you can’t determine the answers or you don’t have strategies to put them into place, make sure you come in and meet with us to put a plan together. Go to to have our sales team contact you.

Is "mine." the future of printing?

Published on 05/14/09 10:18AM

Recently, there has been a lot of hype over Time Inc.'s variable data magazine entitled "mine."  Time, Inc idea behind mine. is "my magazine > my way."  I had heard a lot about this personal magazine, so a few weeks ago I went onto their website and ordered my one.  Basically, Lexus is sponsoring this and because of their sponsorship it was free.  The catch is, you had to be one of the first 31,000 respondents to receive a print copy, otherwise you become one of 200,000 who receives it via e-mail. 

When I signed up for mine., I entered my basic information (Name, Address, E-mail, etc) and then it asked me to choose 5 magazine's that I was interested in.  I chose five random ones because I was just curious to see the articles that they would include for me.  I chose Travel and Leisure, Real Simple, In Style, Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine.  The articles are chosen at random by the editors, and I will recieve 5 issues over the course of ten weeks.

What was interesting was the four completely obsurd questions that they asked me before I submitted my order.  I later found out that helps Lexus with the variable data portion of their ads.  There are 56 editorial combinations in all.  In one instance, an ad for the new Lexus discusses their new "Heads-up Display for keeping your eyes on the road because Route 6 can be tricky on your way to Cape Cod."  That was, by far, the best use of variable data in the piece because some research actually went into where I lived.  The other ads featured my name, the town I live in, or utilized the answers to those obscure questions to personalize.

By now you're probably wondering what those questions were?  Well, check out to see them for yourself.

The question is, is this the future of printing?  We already know that on-demand is our future, but with the economy the way it is and the cost cutting nature of businesses' now, are magazine companies going to stop printing complete magazines and offer you just the content you want? It's an interesting proposition because most people don't read magazine's cover to cover - you read what you want, so why not be able to choose it?

Web 2.0

Published on 04/21/09 02:33PM

Recently, it's become quite clear that the internet is no longer just the new advertising medium, it's a major one.  "The Internet is, at its core, a completely measureable, trackable medium and the focus is more on direct response and less on branding and awareness." (

Have you ever considered using direct response vehicles?  These can be as complex as personal web pages (or personal URL's - PURL for short), or as simple as opening a LinkedIn or Facebook account and posting discussion questions to learn more about your client base or to just ask a thought provolking question. 

The web has transformed lives and businesses and it's up to you to harnass the power.  Feel free to come in to talk to us about how print and mail drive traffic online.


Curley welcomes a new member to the team

Published on 04/04/09 01:26PM by John Curley, III

We would like to welcome David Doyle to our great team. David will be handling business development from Plymouth to Boston. We are exciting to be expanding into the South Shore and look forward to building new relationships.

Please help us welcome Dave!

Substrate? VDP? PURL? What does it all mean?!

Published on 03/16/09 10:43AM

So often, people use acronyms to describe things that would be just as easily explained with just an extra word or two. I think we're all guilty of it too - it's become more popular in the last ten years with the emergence of instant messaging, but acronyms have been around 4E. (Just kidding :)...forever)

Ever wonder what a printer is talking about when they ask you what substrate you'd like to use? In reality, a substrate is actually a scientific term that describes a surface on which an organism grows or is attached. In the printing world, a substrate is basically paper. It comes in many different weights and textures but in one word, it's paper. Crazy, huh? :)

VDP is variable data printing, which may as well be an acronym because it means nothing to most people. Simply put, it is having the ability to change out text or images on the fly utilizing a digital press such as our HP Indigo. You can print multiple postcards on one sheet that each have different text or images on them by simply putting a code in the database.

Another acronym that is becoming more common is PURL. It stands for a personal URL. The URL is the address that you type into your browser to access a page. By personalizing it, you produce a different URL for each person receiving the letter or postcard. A sample is, "" When John Doe logs onto his PURL, he will be greeted by name and any information pertaining to him will appear. This can become very complex and a great way to market your business, but too much to blog about - contact us to learn more! :)

Now that you've learned about these acronyms, if you'd like to do a VDP job on a specialty substrate incorporating a PURL campaign, head to our contact page to receive more information.

Personalized Printing on Cape Cod & South Shore MA

Published on 03/09/09 10:01PM by John Curley, III

“I think the progression of direct mail is maturing from that spray-and-pray model to one that is more targeted and impactful. There is something to be said for having something that is tactile, very personal and, even for a split second every day, has a person's direct attention." 
     -Jonathan Margulies, director of Winterberry Group (presented by Adverting Age) 

Personalized printing allows you to tailor a specific message based on interests, age, demographics, etc…

Let us show you how to print less and increase response rates.


DSCOOP4 Conference

Published on 02/24/09 03:53PM

Recently, a few members of the Curley team traveled to Orlando, FL for the Digital Solutions Cooperative fourth annual conference.  DSCOOP is an organization for owners of the HP Indigo press that we purchased in September of 2008.  The organization's main goal is to help educate all of the Indigo users on not only the trends with the press, but also the digital industry as a whole.  "Dscoop is not a one-size-fits-all solution for education and networking, but rather is a diverse community with tailored value propositions for various segments." (DSCOOP)

We flew down on Thursday, February 19th and hit the ground running.  Our first session started just hours after we landed and we didn't stop until Saturday afternoon.  DSCOOP4 had record attendance - 1,300 people from all over the world!  There were 70 sessions so we all had to split up to go to as many as possible - it was a busy few days!  We came home energized about the future of the digital print industry, technology and what it all means for you - our clients! 

One of the highlight's of the conference was the keynote speaker Joe Theismann.  He was a great speaker and really conveyed his message of Managing to Win.  One of our favorite things that Joe had to say was to get out of your comfort zone.  We really want to pass along that to our clients.  As you read this, think about your business and your marketing strategies.  Have you met with us to see how you can further develop your business?  Just because the economy isn't doing as well as we would like, this is the time to invest in your business.  If you're interested in a business development session, let us know! :)

Check out a few photo's from DSCOOP at


Published on 02/04/09 10:17AM by John Curley, III

Did you know that 40% of people who own homes on the Cape are not year round residents?

What does that mean if you own a local business?

You could be marketing your business through local mediums and be missing out on a large part of the population.

At Curley Direct we are data specialists and know the importance of reaching the right people. For example, if a person owns a house in Yarmouth but lives in Boston full-time, we mail to their Boston address.

Every business needs to make sure their marketing dollars are producing results!

Please ask yourself:

“Am I missing out on the second home owner market?”

If you answer is Yes please give us a call and let us help build your business.

Making the Most of Your Marketing with Design

Published on 12/15/08 01:54PM

In this day and age of computers and computer programs, it seems that everyone has one form or another of “desktop publishing” software on their computers. While it is sometimes appropriate to put a design together yourself, often times turning over your ideas to a graphic designer can enhance your ideas and allow for brand continuity; something essential to marketing.

Being camera ready is a very important step in the print process.   “Camera Ready” is a term that means the files you have created are ready to go to press. One great example of a piece of camera ready artwork which is universally used by printers is a “PDF.” If you can create a PDF of your design, it will be ready to go to press. Just make sure to set the quality at the highest setting.

A lot of times people ask about good and bad design programs. For the most part, the industry suggests that it is probably a good idea to stear clear of Microsoft products when it comes to design. They are great for word processing or database management, but lack in many areas when it comes to page layout and design. Most printers and designers use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and occasionally Quark Express. These programs are designed to work seamlessly with both digital and offset presses. While printers won’t have every design program, the good news is that most of the programs used can be converted into print ready documents such as PDF’s.

The resolution of your artwork files is the first, and most important factor, when it comes to print quality. To achieve the quality that you are looking for, be sure that your artwork or photos are at least 300 DPI. The way you save your files also has an effect on the quality of your print job. If you are using your digital camera, the photos right out of the camera without editing are a safe bet and usually maintain print ready quality.

A professional designer will be able to help you to create not only one design for a specific project, but will be able to help you create a look and feel that can be used with all of your collateral material.
Creating a consistant look throughout all of your pieces will help your existing clients recognize your work, as well as help you be identified by potential clients. It will also save you time and money in the long run because one design template can be used for all of your pieces.

If you have any questions regarding design for print or web, please contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Save Money and Go Green...It's Simple!

Published on 11/14/08 11:24AM

In this economy, saving money is key.  While "going green" has become somewhat of a trend in recent years, becoming a business with green ideals saves you money and saves the enviroment.  Utilizing our state of the art HP Indigo 5500 Digital Press and our large digital library, we will print what you need for the time being, virtually eliminating waste.  The old school of thinking was to print as many as you thought you could use to save money.  The new way to think about it is to print what you need now, and when you're ready for more, just ask! :)  To further explain this, here is a quick case study ...

A local small business had 7,000 brochure's printed 3 years ago showcasing their services, rates and staff bio's.  The price broke at 5,000 but they recieved a greater discount from a large online offset printing company if they continued to increase their quantity.  Over the course of the last 2 years, they used about 3,500 brochures.  A few months ago, they changed their prices and added additional features and subsequently, staff members.  They tried to put labels over the old prices and a small insert regarding their new staff member's, but it took away from the high end look that their piece once had.  They ended up throwing out 3,500 brochures and having Curley print up their new ones.  We printed 500 brochures in September (which were all used within a month and a half) and when a staff member recently left and a new one joined, we were able to make the quick change to their file and print another 500.

This is just one of the many ways to cut costs, save paper and have the ability to make changes to anything at any time.  In this struggling economy, it is more important than ever to help your business grow and the best way to do so is to save money and to choose an efficient printing solution.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall season!

Pick Our Brain's

Published on 10/29/08 05:09PM

Hello everyone and Happy (almost) Halloween!

In the last entry, we gave you a chance to pick our brain about anything and everything.  We chose a few questions and those are below.  We know we didn't get to all of them and we certainly welcome any and all questions so feel free to e-mail or call whenever you'd like! :)

Will I ever be able to track my mail?
Yes! In 2009, the Postal Service will allow us to track your bulk mailings.  More information will follow as we get closer to the beginning of the year, but this is GREAT news!

Do I have to print large quantities to avoid set-up fees?

No! :) Thanks to on-demand digital printing, we are able to print you as many or as few as you need with no set-up fees. 

I want a stamp on my envelope but I still want to mail at my usual presorted rate, is there a way to avoid the permit imprint but still have a stamp?

Yes.  We can use precancelled presort standard or presort first class stamps on your mailings.  They are called "precancelled" because the post office does not use the traditional red ink over them.  They stay as-is.

What is Variable Data printing?

Ever recieve a piece of mail or a postcard with your name on it?  The printer didn't print that specifically for you, instead they used variable data to change the name on each piece based on the database.  At Curley, not only do we change names, we can change photos or entire blocks of text!! :)

...We hope these questions were helpful to everyone.  Stay tuned for the next blogs and don't forget to check out our news feeds! ... Our first official newsletter will be coming out soon too - be sure you're signed up!



Fall Open House

Published on 10/10/08 10:34PM

Thanks to everyone who attended our Fall Open House on Thursday, October 9. We had a wonderful turnout! We are so glad to hear that everyone loved the new press, the band, Ardeo's fantastic food, Cape Cod Beer, Ben and Jerry's and of course our all-star staff! :)

It was quite a feat turning our warehouse into a function room for the evening - especially because we worked hard to get many of your jobs out that day! We are really looking forward to the future with our great new press which will help us help all of you grow your businesses.

For our next blog post, we're going to let you pick our brain. Please take a minute to comment on the post or e-mail us (Donna:; John:; Erica: with your questions. We look forward to answering! :)

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who attended the Open House. For those of you who weren't able to attend, please call us to set up an appointment to view the new HP Indigo 5500 press and learn about it's amazing capabilities.
Hope everyone is having a great start to their fall season,

* Donna *

New Site!

Published on 09/03/08 04:54PM

Welcome to our new site! We are so glad you’re joining us in our new endeavors. As often as we have time, a few of us will be blogging about Curley happenings, postal changes and whatever else we think you might be interested in :) We’ve been spending so much time working on the site that there isn’t enough time to blog today, but please leave your comments and let us know what you think of the site!

We hope everyone had a great summer! :)

- Donna, John III and Erica