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Training to End Stroke

Published on 04/19/12 03:15PM

First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in our first Train to End Stroke Auction and Wine Tasting. We raised an unprecedented amount of money, over $30,000! It exceeded everyone's expectations. We could not have done it without our auction and financial donors, attendees, bidders, auctioneer John Terrio and of course, the Curley Direct staff who volunteered their time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Want some even better news? Thanks to your support, you helped Jaclyn win the Tedy's Team award for most money raised! Check out the great photo of Jaclyn accepting the award from Tedy Bruschi here. It was a very exciting moment and you should be proud to have been a part of it as well.

We're already being asked if this will be an annual event ... drum roll please ... YES! We are planning to hold the second annual auction next year. Details will be made available as soon as we finalize them, so stay tuned!

Your contributions went to the American Stroke Association which oversee's Tedy's Team who Jaclyn runs for. She just completed her fifth Boston Marathon and this year, ran in honor of not only her mother, Elaine, but also in honor of John and Elaine's 35th wedding anniversary which was on Monday as well. Wonder what keeps her running? Here's an except from a letter she recently wrote:

In 2007, I saw their wedding vows in action. That year, as my mother underwent major heart surgery, suffered multiple strokes, and a seizure, my father was the rock that held us all together. He kept us positive and assured my mom, brothers and I that we’d all get through this. As the months passed and my mother’s condition slowly improved, we watched as her attitude and sense of humor did as well – a result that I can only attribute to my dad’s “glass is always half-full, can do” attitude.

In the years that followed my mother’s strokes, I have made it my mission to run the Boston marathon in her honor for Tedy’s Team and to raise stroke awareness and fund ongoing research so that other families won’t have to watch a loved one suffer a stroke as we did.

For the last five years, I have trained for the marathon on perfect sunny days, through snow storms and the blistering cold. I have had days where I felt I could run forever and then others where I needed to slow down to overcome knee, foot, or calf injuries. I have even spent time in the emergency room of Mass General Hospital after my successful attempt to break 4 hours in last year’s marathon. Why you might ask? Because when you commit to another person or cause, you stick with it, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

Here is a great photo of Jaclyn, John and Elaine after the marathon. Jaclyn has motivated John, III to start running as well and in June, they will travel to Kona, HI to run the Train to End Stroke Half Marathon. We all wish we could go to cheer them on from the sidelines, but alas, we will be here cheering from the Cape!

Feel free to leave your congratulatory messages for Jaclyn or words of encouragement for their upcoming marathon on this post. We'll also post a bunch of photo's on Facebook, so check them out there too!

On behalf of John, III, Jaclyn, the entire Curley Family and the Curley Direct team, thank you for your support.