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Combining the Powerful Effect of Gift Cards with Direct Mail

Published on 09/29/11 01:26PM

By: John Curley

Believe it or not, holiday gift season is upon us again. Gift cards are becoming the most popular holiday gift because you no longer have to go to the physical store to purchase them and it is easy for the recipient carry them with them at all times in their wallet. The internet coupled with kiosks at grocery stores and pharmacies are allowing people anywhere in the country to purchase gift cards to stores that not only aren’t in their backyard, but might not even be in their state.

How can you combine your marketing dollars with the power of gift cards? It’s simple. With pop-out postcards, you can send a plastic postcard that contains a gift card in the top right corner for the recipient to pop-out. This card could hold value, or could be a mock-up of what your actual card looks like with an offer or incentive to purchase cards.

If you decide to have the card hold an actual value, such as “$20 off your next purchase” be sure that you utilize technology to personalize that card with the person’s name or a unique code because by providing value, you are intending for them to use it and you want to be able to utilize the data to your advantage. If it’s not personalized, you lose the chance to use the information to your benefit because without asking them to provide their information, you wouldn’t have any idea if it is the recipient, a friend or family member.

The data that comes back to you from the pop-out cards is the most crucial and beneficial part. Because you typically won’t be reloading the cards that the recipient’s bring in, you can retain them and use their name, a unique identifying number or a barcode on the card to find a correlation between their information and their purchase(s). For example, if you order a prospect list to test with various ages and home values and once the data is merged, you find that the majority of people who are coming in to your business from the list are ages 35-45 and people with a home value of 350,000-400,000 are spending an average of $60 each time, while those with a value of 450,000-475,000 are spending an average of $100, you can tailor your future offers based on the age and average spending of each group.

No matter how you choose to use them, plastic pop-out cards are a great addition to your marketing plan. They have longevity, stand out in the mail and provide valuable tools for both you and the recipient.

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