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Market Yourself

Published on 11/09/11 03:27PM

Why is it that my great ideas for blog posts always come at the most inopportune times...usually when I'm driving home from work or just about to fall asleep? Sure there are things I could do - use voice notes on my phone or get up and write stuff down, but I always convince myself that it's a good enough idea so I'm bound to remember it. But alas, here I am, not remembering my idea yet again. So, with that, I figured I'd talk a little bit about ideas and how to harnass them to market your business (especially if you're not a marketer yourself!) ... Here's hoping I don't forget how to write by the end of this post :)

Marketers are always credited as being "the idea guys" as if there is some magic power bestowed on the marketing profession. In fact, we are just creative people who have learned how to put together our ideas into neat little packages called marketing campaigns.  Now this isn't a knock at all on what we do, I love my job and I love that I can use my creativity to increase business for clients.  There is one thing that I often hear that drives me crazy; clients often say, "I just don't have any ideas." Now, we all know that's not true. You are smart enough to either run a business or manage it in some capacity so surely you have ideas on what your customers want, who they are and how you might be able to drive them into your business to spend money. Those are the first steps to creating a marketing campaign.  You know those 6 basic questions that people often ask? Well they help here too...take a look:

Who?  Who are you targeting? Your customers or prospects? Like minds tend to attract, so look at your current client base and then ask your marketing company to find other people like them.

What? What are you selling?

Where? Where are you located? Seems silly right? Well, it's not. Often times people forget to put their address or contact information into marketing pieces. If you're able, utilize a QR code to provide directions on a smart phone.

When? It's called a "call to action" for a reason. We live in a culture that loves boundaries (whether we realize it or not).  We need to know what we are supposed to do and by when.  For example, "Save 30% on a new couch" is a great offer, but if there is no expiration date, I may as well just throw it in a basket and look at it next time I get to it.  If my 30% offer has an expiration date of next week, you better believe I'm going to get right out to your store.

Why? Why should customers come to you over a competitor? Why are your offerings better?

How? How do they redeem their offer? Online? In Person? Can they call? Tell them what to do.

I'm not saying that you need to be able to create your marketing campaigns. What i'm saying is that you should be actively involved in your marketing; it makes you a better business person and allows your marketing team/agency to do better work for you. When you understand what you want, the ideas can come easier and you'll find that you are more willing to try new things since you now have knowlege to bestow onto the "idea guys." 

Take these questions and my ramblings and think a bit about your own marketing. Knowing the answers to these questions will empower you to work with your marketing team/agency to create the marketing campaign of your dreams (and one that delivers high ROI too!)