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Do You Know Your Customers?

Published on 04/14/11 10:24AM


Sounds like a strange question, right?  You’d be inclined to say, “of course I know my customers.”  The fact is that most people do not know their customer’s well at all.  For your marketing, “knowing your customer” means tracking their purchase history in detail, knowing their birthday, gender and likes or dislikes.  While this sounds like a lot of information to keep, it’s vital to your long-term marketing plan.  Read on to find out how you can use the information you have or gain the information you don’t and how it will increase your ROI almost instantly.

If you are one of the few companies that have a database full of information on your customers, you can send relevant targeted mailings to your customers that not only fit their interests, but increase your ROI.  If you don’t, you do not need to feel as though you cannot target your customer’s with personalized mailings right away…you can.  With a data overlay, your database can be analyzed using over 650 criteria and a virtual spider web will be cast over your list with as much information within the criteria as possible, thereby instantly providing you with a data file full of information for you to use immediately.  You can learn about your customer’s spending habits, their group affiliations, specific interest groups, and more.  In fact, most of this information is more than you would ever get simply by watching their spending with your company.

Having a great database is the first step, but the most amazing part of it is what you can do with the data.  Utilizing the information, you can do one versioned mailing where you change the text and photo’s based on their interests and your event.  You can also use their name throughout the mailing for an added personal touch.  For example, using one postcard template, you can have nearly unlimited versions by changing the background colors based on the customers gender, the photo’s and text fields based on their interests as they relate to your business, and place their name throughout the card to remind them that you know who they are.  Statistically, personalized mailings will provide you with double the response rate over a static, un-personalized mailing. 

In the end, any type of marketing that you do needs to constantly be relevant and it’s hard enough with the changes that happen in business and life daily, but if you have a good data file, you can have versioned mailings that will be relevant for years to come.  You automatically increase your ROI by saving on design costs and by bringing more customers in thanks to the relevance of the message to them.