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Why Your Company Needs an Email List

Published on 03/22/11 04:05PM


In today's world of websites, apps, Twitter and Facebook, you might think email has become outdated. However, it still remains one of the best ways to communicate with customers and leads alike.

Part of the reason is its ubiquity -- almost everyone on the Internet has at least one email address, and most check it regularly. Emails are much less likely to be lost in the mix than blog posts, tweets or Facebook updates.

An email list is an asset -- it provides value in the form of sales, customer service, research and PR.

If you have a blog, users can subscribe via an RSS feed, but email lists have several advantages:

  1. A lot of people won't know what RSS means, and it requires them to have a feed reader setup and a way to subscribe to the feed. You can safely assume that almost anyone on your site has email.
  2. Even if someone does subscribe to your feed, there's so much information overload on the Internet right now that a new post is likely to be missed.

Also, providing an email is a great initial step if someone isn't ready to make a purchase. Unless your product is very inexpensive, most customers won't be ready to make a purchase the first time they visit your site. So capturing their email address is a great first step. It requires some trust from the user, but not as much as them spending money. In addition, it gives you a way to keep communicating with them, hopefully leading to a sale in the future.

How can you build up an email list if you don't have one? One of the best ways is to simply convert some of your existing traffic. As I mentioned above, you can ask visitors for their email address on your sales pages. If you have a blog, consider adding a sign up form on each post.

From there you can set up an autoresponder sequence (a set of emails that regularly goes out to new members) or just broadcast new messages when you have something to talk about. A sequence of emails lets you cover a lot of ground that builds up trust. You can discuss your product or service's benefits, as well as pre-empting common fears or hesitations customers may have. You have a way to turn leads into customers while keeping 100% control.

Regardless of your business, an email list is a great step both to converting customers and keeping in touch with existing customers.  If you'd like to sign up to begin sending e-mails to your customers, simply go to http://www.curleydirect.com/e-mail-marketing.

~ Costa Walcott, Co-Director of Web Services