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GoDaddy.com's Excellent Use of Cross Media Marketing

Published on 02/04/11 03:18PM

With Superbowl Sunday almost upon us, everyone is wondering what commercial will dominate this year.

Amongst the previews was GoDaddy.com's commercial which always features a cliffhanger ending due to it's 'not suited for prime time' content. The commercial tells you to go to GoDaddy.com to see the ending of the risqué commercial.

It made me realize what a stunning example of cross-media GoDaddy.com is employing. Their product, domain names, is not something you would need everyday. It may not have always been a household name, but amongst their seemingly target market of male's, they are probably now very well known. Next time they need a domain name or something related, where are they going to go? GoDaddy.com of course.