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The World of Business as seen by Nate Crary

Published on 01/25/11 09:30AM

Nate Crary was an intern with Curley Direct from September 2010 through January 2011.

I’m Nathan Crary, a senior at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. I became an intern at Curley Direct through the Work Based Learning program at my school. When seeking placement for my internship, I knew that I wanted to go to a business to see the various jobs you can have within the business world and Curley Direct ended up being the perfect place for me because it is small enough to allow me to see all the jobs, but it is large enough to give an accurate representation of what things are like in the business world.

I am planning on pursuing a career in the business field and being able to get experience in the field has been invaluable. During my semester as an intern at Curley Direct, I have sat in on meetings, seen the different stages of a project from the initial concept through the finished product, filed countless folders and for CorenPS (Curley Direct’s other company), I aided in a new product launch and filled orders as needed. Of the many things I did as an intern, I enjoyed helping with some of the many projects that were completed when I was there. For example, doing photo research for a regional hotel brand mailing, or typing up content for a newsletter for a restaurant chain. If I had to find a negative, I would say it is filing. I really *love* filing, it is boring and repetitive, but someone has to do it and in the end, I didn’t mind.

The best part of my internship was that each day brought something new. One day I would be helping with research, the next day I’d be filing, and another day I could be working in the warehouse. I loved this because it allowed me to get a feel for all aspects of the business. Being able to learn some of the basics in a business will give me an advantage when I go to Tufts University in the fall. I have gotten to see how this business works and how some software programs help strengthen or assist businesses on a day-to-day basis. This experience alone will give me a leg up on the competition I will have to face in college.

I came into my work based learning class knowing a little about business, but I am leaving with many new skills that I will be able to benefit from for the rest of my life. The time I have spent at Curley Direct has greatly broadened my knowledge about the many facets of the business world. I have had a lot of fun throughout my internship and while I am sad to have to leave, the fun and experiences I have had will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am thankful to the people that helped me during my time here. Having to go to class at the end of each day instead of going to Curley Direct is going to be a drag compared to my time as an intern.