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Biggest Sale ... of the Season

Published on 11/05/10 10:25AM

As we begin to get into the thick of the holiday shopping season, the commercials are starting to run about as often as political ads were just days ago and it got me thinking about how the verbiage used so easily lures people in and how you can use it to your advantage.

All of the retailers do this - every ad they run for a sale, they announce that's it's the BIGGEST SALE and then with loud happy music behind them, they add that it's "of the season" so basically, it's like saying that today is the greatest day of your life.  Tomorrow could be, but how would you know if it hasn't happened yet.  The thing is, people hear what they want to hear and marketing exec's at retailers count on that.  There will be another sale, in fact, there will be many more and they will all carry the same message with similar discounts, ads and followers.

So what can you take from the recent barrage of biggest sale ad's?  It's simple... Tell people what they want to hear, tell them and then tell them again.  Remind people why they should shop with you, use your service or donate to your organization at least 3 times throughout your marketing and keep it simple.  The reason they call it "The biggest sale ... of the season" instead of talking specifically about the so called reason for the sale is becuase everyone identifies with it.  There is no way for anyone to be offended by it, not understand its meaning or not hear exactly what they were supposed to.

It's never easy, but we are always here to help you with creating a simple yet effective marketing campaign.  Enjoy the sale's ... I mean, the season :)

- Donna